(High Resolution) 1280 x 1024

ProScopeHR2 (Super High Resolution) 1600 x 1200

Here is an example of the same item
(a dime) viewed across three different magnifications: 1x,  50x, and 100x
also available 30X, 200X and 400X

Which size do you think would be best for your uses? (We also have a NEW 400X)






Additional Sample Pictures:

The original ProScope had a resolution of 640 by 480 nice but the NEW ProScope HR 1280 by 1024 and HR2 can operate at 1600 by 1200 WOW!

The ProScope HR2 brings unprecedented flexibility and excitement to the learning process. Gone are the frustrations of conventional microscopes. Finally, the teacher and student can focus on what is important. Encased in high-impact plastic and rubber, The ProScope HR2's rugged construction and high-quality components are up to the demanding environment of ANY classroom as well.

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  ProScopeHR2 (High Resolution) 1600 x 1200

Interchangeable lenses provide The ProScope HR2 with tremendous versatility. With the 1X lens, The ProScope HR2 becomes a high-quality video camera. Magnification can be increased to a startling 400X power in a matter of seconds.  You can attach an industry-standard C-Mount that will accept third-party lenses.

Find something you like? With the press of a button, the camera captures the image and stores it as a file in the location of your choosing. The powerful software included with The ProScope HR2 provides sophisticated video capture as well. With these options, the possible uses of The ProScope HR2 are endless.

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